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Baby powder is made from talc, a mineral that absorbs moisture well and cuts down on friction. This makes it extremely useful for preventing rashes and keeping the skin dry. Women commonly use it around the genital region to better absorb odor and moisture, keeping them feeling fresh and clean. Talc is composed of magnesium and silicon. The use among certain families is “generational.” Mothers pass down this hygiene regimen to their daughters, something promoted in advertising campaigns.

The Dangers of Baby Powder: Ovarian Cancer

Since the 1970s, it has been suspected that talcum powder is associated with ovarian cancer. However, because baby powder is a cosmetic product, it requires no regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Recent studies suggest that those women who use Johnson & Johnson’s baby popular baby powder actually increase their risk of obtaining ovarian cancer by a massive 33%. This happens because when powder applied to or around the genital region, microscopic talc particles can easily travel up the vaginal canal, into the uterus, up the fallopian tube, and penetrate the outer layers of the ovary, known as the epithelium.

The dangerous buildup of talc particles is suspected to lead to an inflammatory reaction which can cause the creation of cancer cells.

For decades, the company has left women uninformed of the dangers of the powder deemed “safe enough for babies”. At two recent trials, the public got to see a long history of Johnson & Johnson’s internal documents reflecting the concern over ovarian cancer and steps taken to keep this information from the public. Notably, the mining company which was Johnson & Johnson’s talc supplier updated its own warning label in 2006.

Ovarian cancer has an alarmingly low survival rate – below 30%. It is extremely difficult to detect early on, meaning that the cancer will progress to an irreversible point before it can be discovered.

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