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Large trucks, including semi-trucks and other “big rigs,” weigh significantly more than cars and pickup trucks. They also take much longer to stop.

As a result, their size and physical force in an accident can be devastating. Cars and pickup trucks are no match for them in an accident, and usually absorb much more of the force in an impact.

Further, because of their size and elevation, bumpers on cars and pickup trucks sometimes are of little or no use, as they may not be impacted in an accident with a semi-truck. Instead of the force of the semi-truck being transmitted to the bumper and distributed around a vehicle where there is some degree of protection, a semitruck often impacts a car or pickup truck higher than the bumper, causing impact directly to more vulnerable areas of the vehicle.

As lawyers for commercial trucking accident victims, we understand the devastating injuries and death that can result. As with all injury cases, we work vigorously and meticulously to seek full compensation for our clients through advancing their cases and seeking to prove fault and damages.

Federal Regulations for Commercial Truck Drivers

In the case of commercial trucking accidents, it’s important understand that commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which govern trucking operations, including vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours of service regulations.  Truck drivers, for instance, must keep detailed logs of their driving records, including, for each day of driving, the number of hours driven, the distance and locations covered, and any inspections made of their cargo.  Inspections  also must be made at prescribed times.

Driver Fatigue and Hours of Service Violations

Driver fatigue is a common problem in the trucking industry, as truck drivers by the nature of their job are driving long distances.  Driver fatigue has resulted in horrendous accidents, as drivers of big rigs who nod off for only a few seconds can travel hundreds of feet.

Federal regulations known as the “Hours of Service” rules were adopted to reduce driver fatigue. These rules specify that drivers may only drive for a certain number of hours over specified time periods, as they are expected to get sufficient sleep so that they can drive safely. Drivers are also required to carefully document their driving through detailed logs.

Unfortunately, hours of service regulations are routinely violated.  As drivers are commonly paid by the mile driven, in an effort to earn more money drivers may drive more than the number of hours allowed.  They may also cover up the amount of hours driven through fraudulent logbook entries to make it appear that they were not in violation of federal safety regulations.

Determining Whether Commercial Drivers and Trucking Companies Violated any Federal Rules or Regulations Concerning Operations

One of our key tasks when a client is injured or suffered death as a result of a commercial truck driving accident is to carefully investigate whether the truck driver and the trucking company complied with all federal laws and regulations governing their operations. Because trucking companies only need to keep some records for six months, it’s critical to obtain these important records before their destroyed.

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