What 5 Actions Must Nursing Homes Do to Provide Proper Care

You know, every nursing home case we cake has one of five things that you can see the nursing home, long-term care facility, or the assisted living facility doesn’t do.

  • They have to assess your loved one.
  • They have to provide a plan of care based upon that assessment.
  • They have to implement the plan of care.
  • They have to then, after they implement the plan of care, make sure that it’s meeting the patient’s needs. Then they have to reassess and then re-implement, and every one of our cases that we’ve handled, the nursing home or the long-term care facility falls down on one of those points.
  • They either don’t assess, or they don’t plan, or they don’t implement the plan, or they don’t reassess, or they don’t reimplement.

That’s the foundation of neglect. That’s what these nursing homes fail to do, and that’s what we look for in the chart.

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