What Liability Do Hospitals Have for Medical Malpractice? 

Hospitals, healthcare clinics, and similar treatment centers often may be liable for medical malpractice that occurs in their facilities.  Ordinarily, hospital and healthcare facility liability will depend upon whether the person committing the malpractice was an employee at the time the malpractice incident occurred.  Thus doctors, nurses, and medical staff who are employees of a medical facility can cause the facility to be liable if they are negligent or commit malpractice at the facility.

Today, however, many physicians in particular are not employed directly by a hospital or healthcare facility, but instead may have their own practice or be part of a separate medical group of doctors.  These physicians may be granted privileges at a hospital, where they may perform operations and other healthcare services, often while working side-by-side with hospital employees.

When malpractice occurs in these situations, a legal matter arises as to the hospital or medical facility’s responsibility for malpractice, particularly when an operation may have involved their staff and non-staff physicians.  As experienced New York malpractice attorneys, we are experienced at identifying and determining what people and entities may bear legal liability in malpractice actions, and seeking to hold them accountable for the injuries and damages sustained.

If You Have Been the Victim of Medical Malpractice, We Will Investigate All Avenues for Seeking Full Compensation for You 

If the malpractice occurred in a hospital, clinic, or similar setting, we will want know what relationship existed between the doctor and such facility to determine whether the owners of such facility also bear legal liability.

This area of the law can be complex, and whether the facility is liable will depend upon factors that are specific to each case.  Once we have had the opportunity to learn about your case and can properly conduct a case investigation, we can advise you as to all of the people and entities that we believe to have liability.

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