Pedestrian Injuries and Accident Statistics – Fatalities and Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,743 pedestrians died and thousands more were seriously injured in 2012, the latest year in which pedestrian statistics have been released. [1]

Pedestrians are significantly more likely to die or to suffer severe injuries in a vehicle accident simply because they have no protection. As a result, pedestrians often suffer fractures and head trauma that could lead to long-term permanent debilitating injuries and even death. In many cases the damage is from pedestrian accidents will be staggering, particularly in the case of those who may have suffered head trauma or paralysis, and who may need ongoing care for the remainder of their lives.

Our firm has long represented those who have been involved in significant debilitating injuries and the families who have lost a loved one. We are experienced in carefully investigating all aspects of accidents and documenting the full extent of the damages and injuries sustained by our clients.

Often, there are multiple people and entities that are legally responsible for pedestrian accidents, including the driver of the car that struck the pedestrian, construction companies if the accident occurred and he works so, in his appellate these in the event of poor lighting, crosswalk issues, or the failure of traffic control devices to function properly, and restaurants and bars who may have overserved alcohol to a driver. We work tenaciously seeking a recovery of full and complete compensation to which our clients are entitled.

What to Expect in Pedestrian Injury Accidents

Because pedestrian injury accidents often involve substantial and long-lasting injuries, damages can be enormous.  When significant damages are at stake, defendants (and often their insurance companies) will fight hard in trying to avoid or minimize their liability.  We fight back hard in seeking to advance the cases of our clients, and to recover for them every penny to which they are entitled.

For more information, please see “Pedestrian Injury Data.”

Playgrounds and Children Running Into Streets

Tragically, many children are injured or killed by vehicles as a result of running into a street.  Often, children run into streets without looking while playing a game or chasing after a ball.  Sometimes, they dart into streets from between parked cars of other objects, making them particularly hard to see for drivers until it is too late.

As drivers, we are taught to be especially vigilant for children running into streets, particularly when a playground or school is nearby or when other children can be seen playing near the street.  Most of us know that we should slow down in these circumstances, even if it means going well below the speed limit.  Unfortunately, not all drivers pay careful attention to these signs.

When children are injured or killed as the result of running into the street, we understand the incredible pain and suffering that the child’s family and friends must bear.  It is important to all of us as a society that those who are negligent be held to account for the terrible damages that they cause.

Just because a driver is going the speed limit does not mean that he or she may not be liable for the death of a child running into the street.  If the driver knew or should have known that a child might run into the street and failed to slow down or to take reasonable precautions so that a child is not hit, the driver nonetheless may be liable.

Other Parties Who May The Liable for a Child Pedestrian Death

In addition to the driver who may have hit a child, others may also bear liability for the injuries or death. These include those who may have been responsible for supervising the child, such as teachers, school employees, or those responsible for watching the child.

Additionally, municipalities may also bear liability for the injuries or death. If there had been previous accidents at the location and no safety precautions were subsequently implemented (such as a crosswalk or crossing lights), or if crossing lights or other safety devices were not properly working, the municipality may also bear liability.

We Help Injured Pedestrians and the Families Who Have Lost a Loved One Due to a Pedestrian Accident

To get started, please call our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at a time that is convenient with your schedule.  Once we learn about your case, we will offer an honest assessment of your case, and we can also tell you how we may be able to help.  As we normally accept injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis, there is normally no fee due to us unless we are successful in recovering compensation through a verdict or settlement.

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