Speeding Fatality Charts and Statistics

Speeding has long played a significant role in accident causation in the United States. Unfortunately, especially for those of us who observe the rules of the road, the speeding of other drivers continues to put all of us at risk.

It is particularly infuriating when others not only drive at an excessive rate of speed, but also change lanes frequently, trying to pass everyone else on the road.   These drivers force the rest of us to have to suddenly use our brakes to avoid collisions and to take other evasive action to avoid accidents. Meanwhile, we, and the passengers in our cars (which can include young children and infants) are all put at high risk from the reckless behavior of these other drivers.

At our firm, we believe that speeding and other reckless behavior should not be tolerated. When other drivers cause accidents through their reckless behavior, on behalf of our clients we will do everything possible within the confines of the law and legal ethics to make these other drivers pay as much as possible to fully compensate our clients for their injuries. We also hope to send a strong message to these other drivers that their conduct will not be tolerated. Holding reckless drivers fully accountable for their actions is the only way to protect us all.

The following charts detail the effect that speeding has on contributing to accidents in the United States (these charts represent the latest information available as of 2014):


Source: //www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/Pubs/812021.pdf

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